Curriculum Vitae

Christian Thron is Managing Director at Commarco Campus Communications, where he is driving forward the digital transformation on both agency and client side.
In his capacity as Managing Creative Director, he has been overseeing creative output at deepblue networks AG for over ten years, with a special focus on digital experiences and platforms. Under the guidance of this multi-award-winning creative, one of the first co-working spaces in Germany – Werkheim Hamburg – was established as well as the employer branding specialist unit Hooked, which received the top German HR award and gained numerous new clients inside of just three months. Currently, Christian Thron is overseeing various FMCG digital initiatives in the field of food and beverages for clients such as Unilever, Migros and the Bitburger brewery group.

Prior to entering the agency world, he worked at music group Universal Music for several years. As Head of Content Development, he was responsible there for content and e-commerce initiatives and oversaw the digital transformation of music broadcaster Viva.

With his background as a journalist and author for the sports, youth and lifestyle press, he has a long-standing track record in designing and realising campaigns, messaging and content.